Release Boost: {Catching Him} By Aurora Rose Reynolds + Giveaway

Title: Catching Him
Series: How to Catch an Alpha #1 Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Publisher: Montlake Romance Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 27, 2019

Leah Emerson isn’t looking for a man—she’s looking for the right man. But her mother’s idea of a great catch leaves her cold, and she’s pretty sure her cocky, arrogant, and way too good-looking new neighbor isn’t the one either. If only her wayward cat would stop jumping through his window, she could get on with her life.
Tyler Duncan moved into town for a new job, not to fall in love. But he always goes after the things he wants in life with steadfast determination…and he wants Leah Emerson. He wants her smiles, he wants her touch, and he definitely wants her in bed.
Unfortunately, someone else wants Leah—in the worst way. Now Tyler’s on a mission to protect the woman he’s falling in love with while proving he’s worth falling for, and Leah must decide whether Tyler is a catch worth catching…


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Cover Reveal: {My Madame} By Savvy V + Giveaway

Title: My Madame
Series: Cameo Gentlemen's Club #1 Author: Savvi V Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: September 20, 2019

The king of the Vegas underworld may have everyone else fooled with his dark, brooding eyes, hard body, and expensive suits, but not me.
I knew Gideon Kane back when he was a mere prince under his father’s twisted thumb. Back when he wanted nothing more than to escape that legacy and this town, and take me with him . . .
As princess of the elite Cameo Gentlemen’s Club, I was raised in a world of sensual pleasures and sinful fantasies. My own tarnished legacy, created by strong, independent women who understood where true power lies.
Who also happened to be in business with the mob.
And I stupidly fell for the heir to that empire, heart and soul.
Until he shattered me.
That’s ancient history now that I’m at the helm of Cameo and someone is viciously murdering my dancers and escorts. It’s my bad luck that Gideon’s organizati…

Release Boost: {Assassin's Heart} By Ella Sheridan + Giveaway

Title: Assassin's Heart
Series: Assassins #4 Author: Ella Sheridan Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: August 26, 2019

My brother believes he made me a killer. The truth is, I’ve always been different. I can smile while sliding a knife between your ribs—and not feel a moment of regret.
Until Leah.
A man like me shouldn’t have a family. But the minute I opened my eyes from a coma and saw her, I knew I’d forever be tied to her. A nurse who nurtures life. A mother.
I’ve stalked her for two years, unable to stop but refusing to give in to the need to have her. To love her. Until the night her daughter is taken. I’ll light up the world to get Leah’s child back to her.
And then I’ll walk away for good. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I know how she’ll look at me after seeing who I truly am.
She’ll see the murderer inside me. And God help me, but she’ll be right.


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Release Boost: {Submissive Lies} By Shane Starrett + Giveaway

Title: Submissive Lies Author: Shane Starrett Genre: Erotic Romance with themes of infidelity Release Date: August 10, 2019

Thomas was everything a woman should want. Smart, sweet, gorgeous... but that first spark I’d felt between us had fizzled. There’s something wrong with me, something broken. Or... at least I thought it was broken. Then I met Steve. We went from spark to raging inferno with one flick of his eyebrow, one dangerous smile, and now all I can think about is the side of myself I’d tried so hard to lock away. He’s everything Thomas isn’t. He’s everything I’ve been missing. Fire and passion... and dominance. If I was a good girl, a vanilla girl, I could have been happy with Thomas. But now that I’ve met Steve, I know that’s impossible.
My name is Jen. I am a submissive.
I’ve deceived everyone around me about who I am, and I’ve lied to myself. But this time I won’t.
This time I will choose happiness... even if it hurts.


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Release Blitz: {The Best Moments} By Elena Monroe + Giveaway

Title: The Best Moments Series: The Amherst Sinners #2 Author: Elena Monroe Genre: Bully Romance Release Date: August 20, 2019

SAINT College turned out to be my first everything. Love. Sex. Heartbreak. Betrayal. Giving up and running home wasn’t an option. My life was stained by absentee parents, a night of regret still haunting me, and living so controlled I barely felt anything, but white knuckles before I met Oliver.  Least he was a stain I wore proudly. One pretty face made me feel everything. For that, all I wanted was to save Oliver from his past more than myself. Isn’t that what unconditional love is?
SINNER College was supposed to be my second chance. I was working on my third. I broke her heart in record time. Everyone leaves and no one ever comes back. I knew that best. Even Layla. The guilt of another regret weighted too heavy. So heavy, I invited my demons back in to soften the blow. I added more mistakes to my bad reputation. Everyone was right about me. It was never my demons, she was never…

Cover Reveal: {Don't Stop Me} By Marie Skye

Title: Don't Stop Me
Series: The Simplicit Duet #2
Author: Marie Skye Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
Cover Design: Dark Water Covers Release Date: September 10, 2019

That's what we were. Never spoken, and it worked, until things got complicated.
What exactly do you do when your husband of one year shares you with his best friend, whom you happen to be in love with?
The night, we all joined was also the night my entire life was ruined.
They're both dangerous, and they're both liars. Now when I look at them, they've become two men that can destroy my entire life and shatter everything I've ever known.
One was endearing.
The other a monster.
And me?
Their virtue.
They made me choose between them. All, over a lie.
I was a good girl. I was a good wife.
Until I wasn't.


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